Kingdom of Kediri

Kingdom of Kediri

Kingdom of Kediri
King Sri Jayawarsha first monarch of Kediri Kingdom. King called Sri Jayawarsha Digjaya Shastra Prabhu declare himself as god Wisnu drip like Airlangga. King government was Bameswara further personally. Bameswara called Sri Maharaja Rakai Sirikan Sri Kameshwara Sakalabhuwanatushtikarana Sarwwaniwaryyawiryya Digjayatunggadewa Parakrama. In the book Kakawin Smaradahana, essays Mpu Dharmaja, recounted that King is a descendant of the founder of Bameswara Isyana Dynasty who married Chandra Kirana,
daughter Jayabhaya.

Jayabhaya called Sri Maharaja Sri Warmmeswara Madhusudanawataranindita Suhrtsingha Parkrama Digjayotunggadewa Jayabhayalanchana. During the reign Jayabhaya, there is a civil war immortalized in Bharatayuddha Kakawin delicately written by master craftsman and master craftsman Punuluh. Jayabhaya pull off a civil war until the Kediri region work together again with Polaris region. Events this victory was immortalized in Ngantang Inscriptions. Jayabhaya substitute that is Sarweswara from Aryyeswara, not much is known. The next king is Gandra. In his reign, the government structure of the complete Gandra Kingdom passed Medang Kemulan.

The officials were given a certain degree with the names of animals, such as elephants or buffalo. The use of these names being given badges of rank in the kingdom of Kediri. After Gandra, Kediri Kingdom government led by King Kameshwara. Kameshwara reign was marked by the rapid results Javanese literature. During his reign, stories or banners generated a lot as well heroic form kakawin story.
The next king of Kediri Kertajaya or Srengga. During his reign, Kediri started having problems and instability. This is because Kertajaya seeks to limit and reduce the privileges of the Brahmans at the time, in the Tumapel (now Malang) appeared a new force under the leadership of Ken Arok. Slowly, current occurs escape the Brahmins of the region towards Tumampel Kediri. Kertajaya addressing this runaway flow by deploying troops to invade the kingdom of Kediri Tumapel.

The war between the troops and the Ken Arok Kertajaya happening Ganter (1222). Ken Arok army forces managed to destroy the power of Kertajaya and consequently ending the Kingdom of Kediri.

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