Agel Shared is one of my blogs to share what I know and have with others, such as a collection of elementary, middle, high school, Midi music, Keyborad Style, especially Yamaha PSR, and others.

But in fact all of these files I got from blogger friends who kindly share it for us and other friends.

Here I study the blog if there are still deficiencies here and there, please understand and be forgiven for all these shortcomings. Hopefully what I share can be useful for others.

And hopefully you can also provide constructive criticism and suggestions for the creation of Angel Shared which is better in the future and is more beneficial for

What is distributed here is not Mp3, VCD, DVD if you like and want, buy Cassettes, VCDs, original DVDs so that the artist can continue working. The images, lyrics, midi, styles in articles on this website sometimes come from various other media sources. Copyright is fully held by the source. If there is a problem regarding this, you can contact us here.

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