Kingdom of Medang Kemulan

Kingdom of Medang Kemulan
Medang royal estimated kemulan located in East Java, precisely in the Brantas River estuary. The capital is Medang Kemulan Watan Mas. The kingdom was established by the M
pu Sindok, after he moved the administrative center of ancient Mataram kingdom from Central Java to East Java. At first, the Kingdom's territory covers areas Medang Kemulan Nganjuk, Pasuruan, Surabaya and Malang.
Inscriptions mention the existence of the Kingdom Medang Kemulan, among other inscriptions and inscriptions mpu Sindok Calcutta. Inscriptions found in Tangeran Mpu Sindok, Bangil, and Nganjuk. Inscriptions found in many Tangeran 933, Jombang, said that the King ruled the kingdom Medang mpu Sindok Kemulan with queen Sri Ward Mpu Kebi. Besides Inscription Mpu Sindok, other historical sources are inscriptions Calcutta.

Inscription many M 951 is derived from the mention of King Airlangga genealogy of the kings of the King Mpu Sindok. From several sources are found, it is known that before becoming king, mpu Sindok ever took office as Halu and Rakai Rakai Mapatih i Hino in the kingdom of Mataram. Mpu Sindok Medang Kemulan kingdom ruled from the year 929 to 948. Mpu Sindok reigning empress named Mpu Kebi, who holds Sri Prameswari Ward Kebi Mpu. Name empress Mpu Kebi or Dyah Kebi can be found in inscriptions and inscriptions Cunggrang Geweg.
From the inscription Pucangan, we obtain information about the replacement mpu Sindok. Substitute Mpu Sindok is the famous Sri Dharmawangsa with
unwavering Anantawikramattanggadewa title. From the inscription is in the know that in 1016 the kingdom was attacked by the Kingdom Medang Kemulan Wurawari and Waram. Java is described having a pralaya (tragedy) that causes many people had died, including Sri Maharaja Dharmawangsa. In that event, Airlangga (Dharmawangsa law) managed to escape into the forest Wonogiri with guards, Narottama. They live together with the hermit for nearly two years until finally managed to dominate the kingdom of Airlangga Medang Kemulan back in 1019.
In 1029, King Airlangga beat Wishnupraba of Waratan. A year Later, King Wengker successfully conquered. Finally, in 1032, King Wurawari the first crush Dharmawangsa defeated. After defeated enemies, Airlangga began to restructure the country. He was assisted by Narottama who was given the title Rakryan Kanuruhan. Airlangga then lifted his daughter into Rakryan Mahamantri Sanggraman Wijayatunggadewi i Hino to be king. However, apparently the daughter no ambition to be king, and chose to become a hermit.
With the decline of the crown princess, in the year 1044, Airlangga decided to divide the the kingdom into two. Both kingdoms each headed by two sons. King Airlangga it was done to prevent a civil war. With the help of a Brahmin named M
pu Bharada, Medang Kemulan kingdom divided by two. Jenggala empire (which means forest) and the Kingdom of Panjalu (Kediri). Jenggala thousands of cities and Panjalu Kahuripan capital in Daha.

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