Kingdom of Kutai

Peninggalan Kerajaan Kutai

Kingdom of Kutai 
Government of Indonesia's oldest Hindu pattern is Kindom of Kutai . Government is located in Kalimantan, Mahakam river accuracy. Kutai name taken from a place name that describes the inscription discovery of the kingdom. Yupa seven main source for members to interpret the history of the Kutai Kingdom. From one of these Yupa, please note that the reigning king of the Kingdom of Kutai is Mulawarman seconds.

Mulawarman was the son and grandson Aswawarman Kudungga, Name Aswawarman Mulawarman and very thick with the influence of Sanskrit language. Kudungga son, Aswawarman, chances are the first king in the form of Hindu Kutai government. It is also known as the founder of the dynasty was named Kutai Kingdom until Wangsakerta, which means forming the Family.
Aswawarman son is Mulawarman. From Yupa, please note that during the reign Mulawarman, Kutai Kingdom experienced a golden time. Realm covers nearly the entire region of East Kalimantan. Kutai people live peaceful and prosperous.


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