how to resize a posting on the blog

The following are ways to resize your posting on the blog hard koq gk so it only takes care when looking for where the location that must be changed, shall we begin, we start from:
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how to make a Button Reply Comments in Blogspot

Button countered's comments probably very needed by partially pal Blogger, in order to accelerate reply against comments-comments which incoming in Blognya. Well in this occasion I would like to share the reply button again to put a comment on Blogspot. Actually, many still back the model and the available positions and some have already posted by other Blogger friends. I think the reply to a comment like this on my blog, the most appropriate and suitable buddy pairs in the Blog buddy. In addition to looking good is also very easy to install on the Blog.
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How to Install Facebook Share Button In Blog Postings

Now let's learn how to install facebook share button in the blog post. For how to install facebook button like you can read here.
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Giving way Scroll to the Blog Archive

Blog  archive or the archives that use a hierarchy of options will typically elongated, irregular, according to the number of articles that we publish each month (could be weekly, depending on our choice).

Of course this will be a little annoying because of the appearance of your blog sidebar length becomes erratic. That need to be made to scroll to the length of stay within the rules we make.
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How To Edit Template To Seo Friendly

Some time ago, had mutually blogonol template and it may create confusion for visitors to see a sudden change when surfing on this blog. Turn of the template is intended to study the structure of the template and some applications that are needed in the optimal processing of the blog. Although results are still far from complete, at least it can give a little of what the solution may be through the journey.
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How To Delete Facebook Account

Previously I congratulate you on vacation for fellow bloggers, how are you today? "INCREDIBLE!" or whether "outdoorsman?"
but what was reportedly an important KEEP THE SPIRIT and vibrant throughout the day.
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How To Give Snow Effect In Blog

How to Give Snow Effect In Blog ...

These tips actually quite easy really .. because we just stayed put alias JS XML script to our page ....

immediately wrote to the steps ....
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Optimal Windows XP Secrets by Empty Hands

Windows XP operating system has many features and components embedded in the operating system. But some features, but it did not need to use Windows XP to load it into the computer system.
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Writing about Eradicate Viruses, Trojans and Spyware Manually I took from This article is intended to eradicate new viruses and pathogens are not detected by Indo antivirus used on the computer. And also for the cranky when I have to indicate the computer for hours looking for the pathogen but in this way fine pale 10 minutes. Hope can be useful and beneficial.
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Computer Power Supply is the main power source which provides a voltage of + 12V,-12V, + 5V,-5V, and the signal POR (Power On Reset) to enable the motherboard. Maximum power that can be consumed by the energy supply is about 200 watts with input voltage of 220 V AC from the PLN. With very high efficiency of energy supply is about 200 watts to provide a voltage of + 5V with a current of about fifteen - twenty A motherboard for digital equipment, hoop drive, tough disk, air blower processor, CD-Rom Drive and what cards are intended container on the motherboard.
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How Easy Printer Care, maybe this is the title of which I will discuss this time. I took the source of, may be useful to us all about this Easy Printer Care. Personal Computer Printer is marginally important. Most printers use the Personal Computer or Centronics parallel interface. Personal Computer at the interface of the type D female connector twenty-five pin, the interface is sending eight bits of simultaneous interpretation, where the channel Trobe tells the printer when there are characters to be read.
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Computer monitors are now widely in use is a kind of VGA or Super VGA to VGA adapter label low on memory between 256 KB to 2 MB and continuously developed following the development of hardware and software. Meanwhile, guard damage does not display images at all, even though the indicator light. This condition will get worse if the damage plus the label VGA (adapter) is not in the know before.
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Overcoming Dead Computer (Do not want to live)

Problems that we often experience when the computer will not turn on the computer assume you need to be fixed to a handyman service. Actually, we can overcome it simply by checking a few places. Sometimes we think the damage is severe enough, but since we turned him less permsalahan is very easy for themselves without the handyman repair service, in this section I will try to give some steps on multiple computers khasus death was very useful and fairly done alone at home.
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How to Overcome Slow Computer ...?

We often complain that our computer is slow, occurred to the mind when we use computers that are not suitable to be used with the times. The next thought, let's saving to buy a new computer ... Buying a new computer may not necessarily be the best solution if we do not change the way we treat the computer. Especially if you have limited funds is not possible to buy a new computer, there are several solutions that can be done.
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How to Make CD Repair Windows 7

Every new Microsoft operating system release (including Windows 7), they claim that the operating system is more stable than its predecessor. However, you will never know when a stable system will experience problems. It would be better if you can anticipate in order to minimize the impact by the time Windows 7 has a problem.
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How to Check Damaged Cartridge HP Deskjet printer or HP Deskjet printer when you blink

How to Check Damaged Cartridge HP Deskjet printer or HP Deskjet printer when you blink:
1. Off one of your HP Deskjet printer cartridge black cartridge first instance is released.
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12 Tips Speed ​​up Windows 7

Most users of Windows 7 complains to his PC that starts slow when using many programs at the same time. Even some of them crashes, how do I fix this?I have tips that can speed up your Windows 7:
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Muria

He was the son of Dewi Saroh Sunan Giri, younger brother of Maulana Sheikh son Isaac at the same time, the Sunan Kalijaga. His first name is Raden Prawoto. Muria name was taken from his last residence on the slopes of Mount Moria, 18 kilometers to the north of the Kudus
The spread of religion style takes a lot of ways of his father, Sunan Kalijaga. But unlike his father, Sunan Muria prefer to live in very remote areas and away from the city center to spread the religion of Islam.
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Kudus

His given name Jaffar Sadiq. He was the son of the couple Sunan Ngudung and Syarifah (Sunan Bonang's sister), son Nyi Ageng Maloka. Sunan Ngudung was mentioned that one of the sons of Sultan who traveled to Egypt in Java. In the Sultan of Demak, he was appointed Commander of the War
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Drajat

Raden Qosim his first name. He was the Sunan Ampel. Thus it is related to the Sunan Bonang. It is estimated that holds Sunan Drajat Syaifuddin Raden was born in 1470 M
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Gunung Jati

Many absurd stories are associated with Sunan Gunung Jati. Among them was that he had never experienced such a spiritual journey Isra 'Mi'raj, then met the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet met Khidr, and accept the will of the Prophet Sulaeman. (Chronicle Cirebon Klayan hal.xxii manuscript).
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Kali Jaga

He was the "Wali" whose name is most widely called the Java community. He was born around 1450 M. His father was Wilatikta Arya, Duke of Tuban, a descendant of the rebel leaders of Majapahit, Ronggolawe. Time, Arya thought to have embraced Islam Wilatikta Sunan Kalijaga first name is Raden Said. He also has a number of nicknames such as Lokajaya, Sheikh Malaya, Prince Raden Abdurrahman.Different versions regarding the origin of the name it bears Kalijaga.
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Bonang

He was the children Sunan Ampel, which means grandson of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. Makdum name was Raden Ibrahim. Born estimated 1465 M of a woman named Nyi Ageng Manila, the daughter of a duke in Tuban
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Giri

It has a small name Raden Paku, alias Muhammad Ainul Yakin. Sunan Giri was born in Blambangan (now Banyuwangi) in 1442M There is also a call Jake Ocean. A name that is associated with childhood are never abandoned by his mother-a princess named Dewi Sekardadu Blambangan into the sea. Raden Paku then collected the child by Nyai Semboja (Babad Tanah Jawi Meinsma version).
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Sunan Ampel

He was the eldest son of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. According to Babad Tanah Jawi and Genealogy Festival, in his childhood he was known by the name of Raden Rahmat. He was born at Campa in 1401 M.. Ampel own name, identified with the name of the place where he long resided. In areas Ampel Ampel or Denta, area now part of Surabaya (Wonokromo town now)
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9) - Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Maulana Malik Ibrahim, or Abraham Makdum-Samarkandy As expected born in Samarkand, Central Asia, in the early half of the 14th century. Babad Tanah Jawi call Asmarakandi Meinsma version, follow the spoken tongue of the As-Samarkandy Java, turned into Asmarakandi
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History Nine Wali / Walisongo (wali9)

"Walisongo" means the nine Wali "They are the Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Giri, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Dradjad, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria, and Sunan Gunung Jati. They do not live at the exact same time. But one has close links with each other, if not in blood ties as well as in teacher-student relationship
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How to improve pagerank and increase link on Alexa

This way I read when visiting blog friends, then I see that alexa widget in the sidebar of his blog posted. Woowww .... backlinknya lot, up to tens of thousands. Been a long time I actually found a post like this, but I used to sanction whether this method can successfully raise the PR and backlinks.After I read it again and still not sure of backlinks that I see in alexa it back sayapun agi visit blogs that have followed this way. And it's true, blogs are implemented this way PR increased but the most prominent is the backlink owned these blogs is legion.

If we have a good PR and backlinks are many, it is very suitable if we take such a program paid reviews. I really regret not applying in this way since the first. Better late than never. Because I want this blog to a program memoneytizekan paid reviews.The trick is very easy, you just copy the link under this condition you should remove the link from the list at rank 1, then move that was number 2 to number 1, number 3 to number 2, number 4 to number 3, and so on. Then input your own blog link on the bottom of the order (number 10). And please invite your friends to follow this way and spread this way to banyhak your friends.

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