The Kingdom of Sriwijaya

The Kingdom of Srivijaya

Sriwijaya government that emerged in the 6th century, initially centered around Batanghari River, the east coast of Sumatra. In its development, the government territory covers an area of ​​Sriwijaya Kingdom extends Malay, Malay Peninsula, and Sunda (West Java province now). Notes on the governments in Sumatra is obtained from a Buddhist clergyman named I-Tsing who had lived between the years 685-689 AD Sriwijaya In the year 692, when the I-Tsing, can be concluded that Sriwijaya was conquer and dominate the surrounding kingdoms.

From Inscriptions Kedukan Hill (683), it is known that King Dapunta Hyang successfully expand his realm by conquest Minangatamwan district, Jambi. Previous Jambi province is the province of the Malay kingdom. The district is the first vassal state government Sriwijaya. With controlled Jambi province, Sriwijaya Kingdom government started its role as a strong maritime and trading and influential in the Straits of Malacca. Sriwijaya Kingdom territory expansion in the 7th century towards the south and covers the districts of Java in the Sunda Strait trade.

The Kingdom of Sriwijaya  experiencing success during the reign of King Balaputradewa. At that time, foreign trade activities are also supported by the conquest of the territories around. During the 8th century, the region widely Sriwijaya Government's drive towards north to capture the Malay Peninsula and commercial district in the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea. History of King Balaputradewa loaded in two inscriptions, namely Nalanda and Inscriptions Inscription Ligor.

The last king of Sriwijaya kingdom is Sri Sanggrama Wijayatunggawarman. During the reign of Sri Sanggrama Wijayatunggawarman, government relations Chola kingdom of Sriwijaya and India are very close from the cold. It was caused by the Chola Kingdom Insects launched under the leadership of the provincial Rajendracoladewa Sriwijaya in Malay peninsular. Attacks cause underdevelopment Sriwijaya kingdom

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